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Weymouth & Portland Pest Control

Independent Pest Control Weymouth 

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Removal of Bed Bugs and insects. vermin rodents such as Rats, Mice Cockroaches, Termites and Squirrels in a humane manner. We fit Bird Spikes, Bird wire as part of bird pest control in Weymouth, Dorchester, Bridport and the Jurassic coastal towns of Dorset.

Weymouth & Portland Pest Control

Pest Control Service & Support


How to get rid of carpet moths/larvae, Rodents, Rats and Vermin can infest our homes and spread up to 35 known unhealthy diseases. They can bring infestations of Ticks, Fleas, Mites, plus many other unwanted nuisances.

Agricultural Properties

It is well known of the ability for both Rats & Mice tp reproduce very quickly. They also carry very unwanted diseases that are harmful to livestock and stores of food. We have the means, experience and ways to remove these pesky vermin. 

Commercial Pests

Unwanted Rodents, Mice and Vermin? As the weather starts to cool and Rats and Mice look to keep warm inside. Call Best Pest Control for pre planned maintence to prevent Mice and Rats gaining entry to your property and ensure food sources are properly sealed and secure. We can bait Traps and remove the pest safely.

Bird Proofing & Bird Pest Control

Bird  deterrent wire or (Bird Spikes/Bird Proofing Wires) prevent pigeons and gulls from perching on the ridge or chimney tops of your property. It can also be installed to ledges, parapets, guttering, pipes and metal beams with the use of specially designed brackets.

How To Get Rid of Rats and Mice?

Both Rats and Mice use their droppings and urine as a source of communication. As such the trails of both Rats and Mice can be followed back to their nesting points and food sources. This allows us to effectively place bait traps, bait boxes & glue traps and eradicate pest, vermin problems.

Does Dorset County Council offer free pest control

Unfortunately, Dorset county council no longer offer pest control services!! As a qualified Weymouth pest control service provider we can help!!!

Weymouth & Portland Pest Control
Best Pest Contol Mouse Removal Weymouth

Mice Pest Control

Problems with Mice & Rodents?

Firstly, we need to prevent the points of access that allow access into your home. Secondly, we need to secure and seal off access to food sources that encourage Mice and Rats.  

Best Pest Control Weymouth

Rodent Removal

 We will survey your property and identify their location. Importantly we will need to set baited mice or rat traps! We have many humane options including RSPH sanctioned pesticides.

Wasp Nest Removal by Best Pest Control Weymouth

Wasp Nest Pest Control

We always advise getting a trained pest control technician to ensure the removal of Wasp nests! We can use pesticides to eradicate the nesting wasps and then remove the nest.

Our Mission Statement

We strive to offer the best customer user experience to our customers near by. Offering competitive prices and unparalled customer service. Being the BEST at at removing unwanted pesky bugs/insects and or vermin/rodents is our mission!!

Pest Control Weymouth

Extermination & Infestation Service

Pesticides are the most common method of controlling infestations and vermin. It is important that a competently trained operatives & technicians handle classified and dangerous pesticides.

Best Pest Control Ant Removal Weymouth



Do you have an ANT infestation and need them removed? We can safely eradicate them using humane products.

Best Pest Control Weymouth Bed Bugs
Bed Bug

Call Weymouth & Portland pest control local Bed Bug man to get rid of unwanted pesky bed bugs and carpet Moths and their larvae.


We had a problematic ground based Wasp Nest at our home in Weymouth. A competitive price and two visits later problem resolved. Thank you!!!

— Debbie Crouch - Nearby Charminster Dorchester Dorset

They came along and placed Bird repellent Gel on our roof as part of a bird nest prevention service as we live near the sea in Weymoutth. NO MORE NESTING SEAGULLS!!! Brilliant Service

— Beth O'Brien - Bridport Dorset

Weymouth & portland Pest Control are friendly and well informed on all things “Pests & Bugs”. A very nice people and nearby to attend quickly!!!

— Michael Clay - Dorchester Dorset

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Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH)

For more great advice on common pest control issues please click the link below.

Weymouth & Portland Roofing

In the course of fitting our Bird wire deterrents. We often find common roofing problems and advise our customers of any issues. We are always happy to recommend Weymouth and Portland Roofing.